Decking Solutions for Restaurants, Hotels, etc in Reno

Commercial Decking Solutions in Reno for Restaurants, Hotels, Offices

Every restaurant or bar in Reno needs a deck or patio for outdoor seating. At least in our opinion. Many of the restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, and businesses that do see an increase in business when they had it installed. An outdoor space to entertain guests is a great way to improve your business. Patrons at your restaurant will stay longer to enjoy the beautiful weather, resulting in more revenue for your business. Another way to improve your business exterior is with a newly designed commercial entryway. With this, you give passersby a great and inviting first impression. Reno Deck Builders want to help improve your business by installing a new deck, patio, or entryway or by repairing or updating an existing outdoor space.

How We Can Help!

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured deck installation and repair contractor in Reno, Nevada. We offer a wide range of services, which include:

  • Repairing a damaged or broken deck
  • Installing a new deck outside your business
  • Adding covers or custom patio deck boards
  • Designing a new deck for your business

If your business regularly entertains guests, a deck or patio will pay for itself in no time. For restaurants and bars, it gives you more seating areas and expands your business. The look and appeal of a deck or patio attracts more clientele to your establishment. If your office building is in need of a new look, you can improve the aesthetic appeal and install a new commercial entryway that all the employees and visitors will enjoy.

Our Team Of Specialists

We employ only the best contractors and builders in the Reno area. All of our contractors are licensed and insured. Our work is always up to code and is guaranteed. We employ specialists for the various projects that we encounter to make sure that every project is not only done correctly but is done well. No matter what the job is, no matter how big the business, we have a team of dedicated specialists that we can dispatch to bring your project to completion.

We Utilize The Right Equipment And Service Approach

We understand that construction on your business can hamper business, so we always use the best equipment, tools, and machinery to expedite the job. We work quickly without cutting corners and sacrificing quality. We meticulously plan our your design beforehand so that we don’t run into snags that hinder the progress of the job and slow down the delivery time. During construction, safety is always our concern. We want to ensure that your employees are safe and not in harm’s way during the process. We establish a clear boundary that works for you and your business to not interrupt the daily flow too much.

We offer free quotes on all commercial deck services and all of our other services. Call us today and we can send out a licensed contractor to assess your project and give you a fully written, detailed estimate.