Deck Repair and Replacement in Reno, Nevada

Deck Repair and Replacement in RenoWe love a new deck installation, but much of our work is actually repairing and maintaining decks in the Reno, Nevada area. We offer professional, high-quality, and durable work on all our repair and maintenance projects. Our services are always affordable and we guarantee our work to ensure your satisfaction. We employ licensed and insured contractors to get the job done right. This is why we are the number one choice for deck repairs and installs in the Reno area.

We offer free quotes to our potential clients on every job. We have assessment specialists that will come to your home or business to inspect your deck and put together a fully written, detailed estimate of the repairs needed and the cost. This ensures that you save money and that we stay within your budget on the repair.

Our Deck Services

We offer a vast number of decking services, making us one of the premier contractors in the Amarillo area. Our range of services and expert contractors make us the number one choice for your new deck installation or deck repair needs. Here are a few of the services that we offer:

Damaged Deck Repair Services

Decks can receive damage a many number of ways. Weather and pests are the primary sources of damage. Wooden decks can suffer under intense rain or sun. The water can soak into the boards causing them to swell and weaken. The sun can dry out and crack the boards, weakening them to the point of making them unsafe to walk on. Pests can nest in the wood and create a world of problems for your deck. Other threats like falling tree limbs can cause serious damage at times. But Reno Deck Builders can fix these damages and even prevent them from happening in the future.

Weatherproof Deck

Weatherproofing your deck does exactly what it sounds like it does. It weatherproofs it! Using water sealers, waterproof membranes, rubberized coatings, and other methods, we can protect your deck from water, sun, heat, cold, and just about everything else the weather can throw at it. A weatherproof deck is guaranteed to last longer than one that isn’t. If your deck is showing signs of weather damage, contact us today to get a free quote on weatherproofing. This will prevent more costly repairs in the future.

Termite Prevention

Another common issue with wooden decks is termites. Termites will nest inside the wood and feast on it causing it to weaken and become dangerous. Reno Deck Builders can remove the infestation, repair the damaged boards and beams and treat the wood to prevent them from returning. Termite prevention is a vital component in a wooden deck and should never be overlooked. If you believe that you may have termites in your deck, contact us immediately and we’ll send out our assessment specialist to give you a free estimate on removal, repair, and future termite prevention.

If you need any deck repair services in Reno, Nevada, contact us for a free quote today. At Reno Deck Builders, we provide high quality, durable, and affordable deck repair services.